Colored and styled underlines

kitty supports colored and styled (wavy) underlines. This is of particular use in terminal based text editors such as vim and emacs to display red, wavy underlines under mis-spelled words and/or syntax errors. This is done by re-purposing some SGR escape codes that are not used in modern terminals (CSI codes)

To set the underline style:

<ESC>[4:0m  # no underline
<ESC>[4:1m  # straight underline
<ESC>[4:2m  # double underline
<ESC>[4:3m  # curly underline
<ESC>[4:4m  # dotted underline
<ESC>[4:5m  # dashed underline
<ESC>[4m    # straight underline (for backwards compat)
<ESC>[24m   # no underline (for backwards compat)

To set the underline color (this is reserved and as far as I can tell not actually used for anything):


This works exactly like the codes 38, 48 that are used to set foreground and background color respectively.

To reset the underline color (also previously reserved and unused):


The underline color must remain the same under reverse video, if it has a color, if not, it should follow the foreground color.

To detect support for this feature in a terminal emulator, query the terminfo database for the Su boolean capability.