Integrations with other tools

kitty provides extremely powerful interfaces such as Controlling kitty from scripts or the shell and Custom kittens and icat - Display images in the terminal that allow it to be integrated with other tools seamlessly.

Image and document viewers

Powered by kitty's The terminal graphics protocol there exist many tools for viewing images and other types of documents directly in your terminal, even over SSH.

a terminal PDF/DJVU/CBR viewer


Display markdown files nicely formatted with images in the terminal


a terminal file manager, with previews of file contents powered by kitty's graphics protocol.


another terminal file manager, with previews of file contents powered by kitty's graphics protocol.


browse images from the pixiv artist community directly in kitty

System and data visualisation tools


A command line system information tool that shows images using kitty's graphics protocol


show matplotlib plots directly in kitty


show images from Julia directly in kitty


a graphing and data visualization tool that can be made to display its output in kitty with the following bash snippet:

function iplot {
    cat <<EOF | gnuplot
    set terminal pngcairo enhanced font 'Fira Sans,10'
    set autoscale
    set samples 1000
    set output '|kitty +kitten icat --stdin yes'
    set object 1 rectangle from screen 0,0 to screen 1,1 fillcolor rgb"#fdf6e3" behind
    plot $@
    set output '/dev/null'

Add this to bashrc and then to plot a function, simply do:

iplot 'sin(x*3)*exp(x*.2)'

Editor integration

kitty can be integrated into many different terminal editors to add features such a split windows, previews, REPLs etc.


integrates with kitty to use native kitty windows for its windows/panels and REPLs.


uses kitty remote control for a Lisp REPL.


allows you to navigate seamlessly between vim and kitty splits using a consistent set of hotkeys.


allows easily running tests in a terminal window

Scrollback manipulation


Live incremental search of the scrollback buffer.


keyboard based text selection for the kitty scrollback buffer.



use keys to either control tabs or pass them onto running applications if no tabs are present


use keys to either scroll or pass them onto running applications if no scrollback buffer is present

reload keybindings

reload key bindings from kitty.conf without needing to restart kitty